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The Dena Kayeh Institute is proud to bring together our communities, friends, and supporters, to share in Kaska storytelling with Dene K’éh Kusān, Always Will Be There.

Through this film, we hope to introduce the world to Dene K’éh Kusān, and to our people, culture, and our way of life. All are anchored to the land.

Narrated by DKI’s President, Kaska Elder, and well-known Indigenous Leader, Dave Porter, Always Will Be There shares the Kaska Dena vision for how we can protect and care for four million hectares of land and water—the largest remaining intact landscape in British Columbia.

Dene Kʼéh Kusān is at the very epicentre of our traditional territory, where you won’t find any roads or powerlines, but you can feel the heartbeat of our people in the boreal forests, in the towering mountains, and in the confluences of the rivers.

The Kaska Dena have cared for these lands and waters since time immemorial. Now, we are drawing on Kaska knowledge and stewardship to protect Dene Kʼéh Kusān for all to experience, honour, and sustain, for future generations.

Please enjoy the film and we ask that you add your support to our efforts to protect Dene K’éh Kusān for tomorrow, today.

The Dena Kayeh Institute would like to express our deep gratitude for the encouragement, support, and funding we have received from our partners in the making of this film.

Shṓwe sénláʼ