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Sign the Statement of Support

The Kaska Dena are working with partners to protect Dene K’éh Kusān in a way that creates jobs, supports a thriving Kaska culture, shelters threatened species and becomes a world-class Protected Area.

In the face of severe loss of biodiversity, worsening forest fires and, and in the spirit and practice of reconciliation we’ve asked the federal and B.C. governments to support our Indigenous-led conservation plan and work jointly with us to ensure that Dene Kʼéh Kusān:

Remains intact, which is critical to preserving Kaska peoples’ material, cultural and spiritual lives.

Does not suffer the devastating effects of climate change and biodiversity loss we’re seeing in other regions of BC, Canada and around the world.

Continues to shelter caribou, a species struggling to feed itself and breed in other parts of the province, providing an opportunity for the province of BC to meet endangered species targets.

Sustains and creates economic opportunities for Kaska and others in northern communities by supporting the green economy inside Dene K’éh Kusān’s borders, while providing for resource development outside its boundaries.

Becomes a world-class protected area, one to which the Kaska Dena will invite outdoor enthusiasts and tourists to experience and enjoy.