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CBC Radio | Quirks & Quarks

September 9, 2022 | Bob McDonald

For many of us, summer is the time for things like beaches, bike rides, and BBQs. For some scientists, however, summertime is also when they are at their busiest, travelling to remote locations to do science in the field.

Quirks & Quarks caught up with some of those researchers to find out what they did during their summer of science.

Listen to Becky Edwards, Lead Remote Sensing Specialist, Ducks Unlimited Canada’s National Boreal Program, and Tanya Ball, Dane Nan Yḗ Dāh Coordinator and Kaska Land Guardian, Dena Kayeh Institute, share their experiences mapping wetlands in the northern regions of the Dene Kʼéh Kusān with the Kaska Land Guardians.

Segment airs @ 09:57−14:48